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Unique Challenges

The retail industry claims some of the most unique challenges in logistics: inflexible Must-Arrive-By-Dates, complex final mile deliveries, and the need for specialized, business specific solutions. At A. Duie Pyle, we not only navigate these complexities, but pass our efficiencies on to our customers. From managing extended unload times at major retailers, to handling the demanding requirements of distribution centers, to seamless final mile deliveries, on time and damage free deliveries are the key to a healthy supply chain in the fast paced retail landscape.

Custom Solutions

  • 30 Cross Docks and 17 Warehouses within the Northeast
  • Precision Delivery
  • Real-time Notifications
  • PRUID – Handling Unit Identification Processes
  • Customized Performance Reporting and Invoicing
  • Industry Leading Low Claims Ratio
  • Inbound Consolidation for Backhaul Utilization

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Retail Services

LTL Pyle Priority Shipping

Pyle Priority gives you guaranteed delivery windows.

Guaranteed morning service by customer specified time.

Same day pickup and appointment setting.

On demand tracking at the piece level.

Warehouse / Distribution

Over 4.2M square feet of warehouse space within our footprint.

Integrated warehouses offer extended pick-to-ship times, enabling next-day delivery to the Northeast and allowing our customers to place orders later in the day.

Our Warehouse Management System handles a range of SKUs, whether it’s a single item or several thousand pieces.

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