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Unique Challenges

Agricultural supply chains are in a constant state of push and pull, from the raw goods one on side to the movement of final foodstuffs on the other. From seeds and machinery to finished products, your supply chain must be adaptive and flexible, without sacrificing an ounce of consistency. At Pyle, we’re known for our reliability, making us a perfect fit, whatever your agricultural needs.

Custom Solutions

  • Dedicated Storage Footprint
  • Seasonal Flexibility
  • Next-Day Delivery throughout Northeast
  • Returns/Reverse Logistics
  • Pest Control/Fumigation Services
  • Company Owned Delivery Assets

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Agriculture Services

LTL (Less-Than-Truckload)

Capacity and pricing flexibility to adapt to changes in consumer demand.

Pyle Priority guarantees on-time service with 99.9% reliability.

Network of 30 service centers and cross docks ensures ubiquitous regional coverage.

Partnerships with major farm manufacturing suppliers ensure timely and damage-free distribution of parts.

Warehouse / Distribution

Full service pick, pack, and ship.

Experts in handling FIFO, FEFO, or Lot Control Picking.

Relabeling services.

Fully compliant with retail customers’ needs.

Solutions for E-Commerce, FBA, and Omni-Channel requirements.

Dedicated Contract Service

Specialized equipment specific to your operation.

Trailers equipped with real time tracking and geofence technology for customized notifications.

24/7 driver support and with capability to support surge demand.

Brokerage / Drayage

Flexible capacity accommodates surges to meet variable market demands.

We handle everything, from raw materials to finished goods, to and from the port.

Specialized needs? Our network of carriers can support you.

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