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Unique Challenges

Chemicals demand an unparalleled know how from carriers: speed, safety, technology, communication, and your carrier should exceed expectations on every delivery. As the EPA demands volatile organic compounds be removed from many chemical products, the resulting waterborne products often require Protect from Freeze services.

Chemical shippers must find a carrier who advances their operational capabilities without putting shipments at risk. Pyle People Deliver chemicals and allied products with unrivaled precision and extreme care, keeping your supply chain running smoothly.

Custom Solutions

  • decades-long safety record and success in chemical handling
  • Industry leading low claims/damage
  • Award winning Safety/Compliance program, including HAZWOPPER Technicians for any accidental release, onboard spill kits
  • Class-A CDL, TSA compliant, forklift certified, and HazMat qualified drivers
  • Unmatched visibility for tracking Chemical Shipments
  • Investments in safe, well maintained equipment, Including Heated Trailers, Liftgate Trailers and Decking Units
  • Served one of America’s largest Chemical Manufactures for more than 82 years

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Chemical Services

Integrated Offerings

Multiple handlings presents substantial challenges when moving drums, pails, or cans of chemical products. Pyle’s integrated solutions can reduce several handlings, from warehousing to LTL, thereby reducing damages.

Embargo-Free Protect From Freeze Service

No carrier is better equipped to handle Protect From Freeze products than A. Duie Pyle. As chemical products become more environmentally friendly, they are increasingly water-based solutions, which often require Pyle’s expertise in Protect From Freeze services.

85% of Delivery Fleet is Liftgate Equipped

Shipping chemicals often requires specialized packaging like chemical drums. These items necessitate unloading at dock level or via a liftgate for safety and efficiency. It’s crucial for shippers to ensure that carriers promptly manage hazardous materials and avoid unnecessary delays waiting for a liftgate-equipped trailer to become available.

LTL Direct Service & Visibility

Specialized handling is required due to the inherent risks in transporting chemical products. Pyle provides direct service to the entire NYC Metro Area, eliminating the need for interline or cartage carriers. This approach ensures quicker and more secure transportation of your hazardous materials, and Pyle’s unmatched in-transit visibility offers superior tracking and management of your chemical shipments.

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